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What to pickup before the new puppy comes home

I recommend that you start the puppy with Eagle Original in the blue bag, Diamond Lamb and Rice Puppy or a food of comparable ingredients. Do not feed Iams, Eukanuba, Science Diet or any food that contains, within the first couple of ingredients, corn or corn meal. Make sure you a bag on hand by the time the puppy comes home. If you decide to feel another type of food, mix food so that puppy gets used to the new food in increments. The puppy can be very big boned and needs to be kept on 24-26% protein food, no higher.  Most puppy foods are a higher protein and push the bone growth too quickly and can cause bowing/knuckling in the legs sometimes. I will give you enough food for a couple meals to make the change over to whichever food you will be feeding.

The puppy should have fresh water at all times. Be sure to have lots of toys available for them to play with. Kong toys and Nyla Bones are great toys as they don’t splinter or chew up quickly. I do not recommend rawhides after the puppy is finished teething. They can chew off large pieces and can lodge in the intestinal tract, causing serious medical problems. Also having chew toys will help you with his biting. I keep one with me at all times the puppy is out. When they go to bite I offer the toy, instead of letting them try to bite my hand. I find this helps stop the biting/nipping.

When you come to pickup your puppy, if you don’t have a long ride, he can ride home on your lap or in a crate.  I prefer that the puppy ride in a crate. A crate is great for normal transportation and becomes a helpful tool for housebreaking. I will give you a baby blanket and a soft toy with the scent of the other puppies to take home. The scent of the siblings will help to calm them and feel comfortable the first few nights.  Also bring along a soda bottle to take home a bit of my water.  You can mix it with your water for the first few days. The change in water could cause loose stool.  If the puppy develops loose stool, you can give a small amount of Pepto Bismol or Kaopectate several times a day. Keep a radio on at night if the puppy is not kept close to you. If you have any questions or concerns, ask your breeder for help.

Be sure after your puppy receives their last series of vaccinations take them everywhere and socialize, socialize, socialize!

Always consult with your Veterinarian for treatment or before treating your dog with any medication


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